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Student & Campus Life Research Group

The Student & Campus Life Research Group coordinates, supports, and reviews research conducted within the division of Student & Campus Life (S&CL). Any research activity undertaken within S&CL falls under the auspices of this committee.

Policy Statement and Activities

The S&CL Research Group promotes best practices in research by maintaining a calendar of campus research activities, offering guidance on research planning, formally reviewing proposals for research projects that are substantive in scope, and providing opportunities to disseminate research instruments and results. S&CL professionals who intend to conduct research or are contacted about research in their unit are encouraged to contact the S&CL Research Group early in the research planning process to see whether and how the committee may be of assistance. More information about the committee’s focus and scope of activities is available here.

Formal Reviews of Research Proposals

The S&CL Research Group meets regularly to formally review research proposals. Proposals should be submitted well in advance of the anticipated launch date of a project — no less than eight weeks prior. A research proposal form, sample of a completed proposal, and information on criteria used by the committee to evaluate research proposals are available here.

Member List

The committee is comprised of Student & Campus Life professionals plus representatives from Institutional Research & Planning. The member list and contact information is available here.

Calendars of Campus Surveys

An online calendar of current surveys involving Cornell students is available here.

A master calendar of surveys of Cornell undergraduate students planned for 2011 to 2015 is available here.