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Fall 2018 Alcohol and Social Life Survey

Title of projectFall 2018 Alcohol and Social Life Survey
Contact nameAnne Laurita
Title/PositionPostdoctoral Research Associate
Department, office or programSkorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health
Provide a brief description of the purpose and goals of this project.

The purpose of this study is to continue our assessment of the role of alcohol and other drugs in campus social life, including prevalence of use, relevant social norms, and direct and indirect harms associated with use.

Describe the population of interest (e.g. first year students, graduate students), sample size, and your method for selecting the sample.

We will submit a request to the Registrar for a random sample of 5,000 undergraduate students with Ithaca addresses stratified by class year and gender.

Please upload your survey instrument or interview protocol.Alcohol-and-Social-Life-Fall-2018-Survey-Instrument_091918.docx
Start date of projectSun Oct 14
End date of projectThu Nov 1 2018
Approval StatusApproved