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Housing Snapshot Survey(s)

Title of projectHousing Snapshot Survey(s)
Contact nameLeslie Meyerhoff
Title/PositionDirector Assessment and Planning
Department, office or programStudent and Campus LIfe
Provide a brief description of the purpose and goals of this project.

This project is a reprisal of a much larger survey that was last administered in 2010. The purpose of the project is to learn about the impact of residential programs, services, and facilities on students. This snapshot will help us make programming and facility decisions as quickly as possible in response to student feedback. We want to know how well we are creating a sense of community in our residential facilities, and what we can do to improve students' sense of community. This is in support of our divisional strategic priority of Residential and Community Experience as well as the university priority to increase a sense of belonging among all members of the community.

Describe the population of interest (e.g. first year students, graduate students), sample size, and your method for selecting the sample.

Students who live in on-campus housing, including North Campus and South Campus traditional halls, Program Houses, West Campus House System, Co-ops, and graduate housing. We will do a sample of these populations: 1000 North, South, Program House, Co-op, and graduate; 600 West Campus. The sample will be pulled from StarRez, and it will be a stratified random sample (stratification based on housing assignment).

Please upload your survey instrument or interview protocol.Housing-Snapshot-Survey-2019-merged.docx
Start date of projectMon Oct 14
End date of projectThu Oct 24 2019
Approval StatusApproved