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COFHE-IR Meeting in Chicago

Download Tableau Desktop Trial (if you don’t already have Tableau):

These data are for Session 1:

This file (.xls) was created from Cornell data (IDs have been masked!) for a quick exercise in Tableau.  Undergraduate enrollment in Chemistry Classes.

 Class Size TEST (note that there are two tabs)

These data are for Session 2:

This is a file (.csv) downloaded from IPEDS.  Financial Aid numbers for first-time-freshmen for select schools.

IPEDS FTF Fin Aid 08-11

(If you are interested, another file to join in  –  Tuition and fees IPEDS)

This is a file (.xls) of satisfaction and learning gains variables from the 2012 Senior Survey.

2012 Senior Survey file for Tableau workshop

Variable manager view – this is a little step saver we’ll be using

Handouts (we’ll bring printed copies, so this is for your reference):