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CSARG Proposal Instructions

The Cornell Survey and Assessment Review Group (CSARG) coordinates, supports, and reviews data collection projects that involve Cornell constituencies as participants. Campus members are encouraged to seek guidance from CSARG for any data collection project, large or small, whether involving the use of surveys or other data-collection methods such as interviews or focus groups. Proposals for projects that will use substantial resources of the Cornell community should be formally reviewed by the committee before they are initiated.

To submit a new project proposal for review by CSARG or to view existing proposals, use the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of projects should be formally reviewed by CSARG?

Data collection projects that will pose a substantial burden on Cornell resources should be formally reviewed. This includes projects that:

  • draw participants from a major institutional data base, for example, those maintained by the University Registrar or the Class Councils;
  • involve more than 500 participants for a quantitative data collection method (e.g., survey research), or 100 participants for a qualitative data collection method (e.g., focus groups or interviews);
  • are broader in scope than evaluating a specific program (e.g., asks about more than just program-based experiences or includes individuals who did not participate in the target program or event); and/or
  • will require a substantial amount of participants’ time (e.g., protocols that will take more than 10 minutes to complete, or longitudinal research designs).

How far in advance should proposals be submitted?

Proposals should be submitted well in advance of the anticipated launch date of a project — optimally no less than eight weeks prior. We encourage you to contact CSARG very early in your planning process, well before data collection methods or sampling plans are finalized, to see whether and how the committee may be of assistance.

When are proposals reviewed?

The committee meets monthly during the fall, winter and spring semesters to formally review project proposals and conduct related business. If needed, proposal reviews can be conducted between scheduled meetings. You will usually hear back about your proposal within a day of a scheduled committee meeting.

If you have questions about whether or how to submit a proposal for your project, contact Leslie Meyerhoff or Jason Hecht.