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Arts and Sciences Advising Preference Survey

The following research proposals have been submitted. Please email Jason Hecht if a proposal needs to be deleted.

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Title of projectArts and Sciences Advising Preference Survey
Contact nameRichard Keller
Title/PositionDeputy Director of Advising
Department, office or programStudent Services, College of Arts and Sciences
Provide a brief description of the purpose and goals of this project.

The survey is to learn how sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences prefer to interact with the advising office. We are trying to determine if our current advising model for seeing students is the best way to serve them.

Describe the population of interest (e.g. first year students, graduate students), sample size, and your method for selecting the sample.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be asked to participate in the survey--approximately 3,000 students.

Please upload your survey instrument or interview protocol.Advising-Approach-Survey-Questions-8-22-19.docx
Start date of projectWed Sep 25
End date of projectFri Oct 4 2019
Approval StatusApproved