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College experiences of undergraduate neurodivergent students at Cornell

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Title of projectCollege experiences of undergraduate neurodivergent students at Cornell
Contact nameFlorencia Ardon
Title/PositionProgram Manager and Advisor
Department, office or programOffice of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees
Provide a brief description of the purpose and goals of this project.

Determine some basic characteristics of the population of students at Cornell who have or self-identify as having a "neurodivergence" (Autism, ADD/ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, other learning disabilities, anxiety, or any other condition that is considered as having a neurotype that differs from the traditional conception of “typical”). We also want to qualitatively evaluate their experience as Cornell students. Furthermore, we want to determine if and how their experience differs from that of "neurotypical" Cornell students. Finally, we want to evaluate possible ways to improve their experience at Cornell.

Describe the population of interest (e.g. first year students, graduate students), sample size, and your method for selecting the sample.

Any undergraduate student at Cornell can answer the survey. Exclusion criteria would be not being currently enrolled as an undergraduate student.

Please upload your survey instrument or interview protocol.Neurodivergent-student-perspective-Questionnaire-updated.docx
Start date of projectTue Feb 4
End date of projectSat May 23 2020
Approval StatusApproved