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2020 New Student Survey

The following research proposals have been submitted. Please email Jason Hecht if a proposal needs to be deleted.

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Title of project2020 New Student Survey
Contact nameJason Hecht
Title/PositionInstitutional Survey Research Associate
Department, office or programInstitutional Research and Planning
Provide a brief description of the purpose and goals of this project.

This survey of incoming first-year students gathers data around issues relevant to the Cornell community about the class of 2024. The survey also maps logically onto subsequent surveys of undergraduates, which helps to streamline turnaround of survey results. The survey explores incoming students' high school activities, achievements, and experiences; personal goals, attitudes, and abilities, and their expectations surrounding their Cornell experience.

Describe the population of interest (e.g. first year students, graduate students), sample size, and your method for selecting the sample.

All first-time, full-time first year students entering Cornell in fall 2020.

Start date of projectThu Jul 30
End date of projectThu Jul 16 2020
Approval StatusApproved