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Academic Analytics

What is Academic Analytics?
Academic Analytics is a Database of Ph.D. programs and departments at more than 385 universities in the United States and abroad. These data are structured so that they can be used to enable comparisons at a discipline-by-discipline level as well as overall university performance. The data include the primary areas of scholarly research accomplishment:

  1. the publication of scholarly work as books and journal articles
  2. citations to published journal articles
  3. research funding by federal agencies
  4. honorific awards bestowed upon faculty members

Reporting Academic Analytics Data Externally
Cornell University may display its own content as received by Academic Analytics on Cornell’s own internal websites; however, Cornell may not reference other institutions by name whatsoever. For example, a CU program or entity may state that its Such-and-Such program is ranked in the upper 20th percentile nationally for numbers of publications per faculty, but may not print or imply any comparisons to named third party institutions whatsoever.

For information concerning Cornell University Graduate School programs to be displayed externally, a mock-up of the material to be displayed (for example a paragraph to appear at a program website or in a printed brochure), please contact Marin Clarkberg, Director of Institutional Research and Planning.

Academic Analytics Website
For the website of Academic Analytics, LLC, click here.

Academic Analytics Login
For the login page of the Academic Analytics database, click here.

Academic Analytics Help
For help with Academic Analytics, contact Marin Clarkberg, Director of Institutional Research and Planning.