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Official, accurate, and unbiased information and analysis

About Us

The mission of Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) is to provide official, accurate, and unbiased information and analysis about the university in support of institutional planning, decision-making, and reporting obligations.

In support of the Provost’s office, IRP:

  • Serves as an information clearinghouse for the university,
    • producing publicly accessible statistical summaries of the university, including the online Factbook
    • providing data about the university to governmental agencies
    • responding to external requests for information (e.g. from college guide publishers)
    • coordinating the university’s participation in a variety of consortial data exchanges
  • Organizes, administers, and reports on population surveys of university constituencies (e.g. graduating seniors)
  • Engages in in-depth research projects and report writing on topics of special concern to the Provost and other university leaders
  • Supports efforts related to programmatic and institutional assessment, including university accreditation and the registration of academic programs with New York State
  • Uses institutional data to inform the undergraduate admissions process
  • Advocates for the quality and integrity of university data