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Survey Research

In consortium with other elite universities and colleges around the country, our office surveys entering freshmen, all undergraduates, graduating seniors, alumni, and parents of undergraduates. These surveys are conducted on a fairly regular schedule.  In addition to this slate of consortially conducted surveys, we also periodically conduct other surveys of students, staff, and faculty.

Links with more information about the specific surveys are below.

All research conducted under the auspices of our office adheres to strict guidelines for the ethical and responsible treatment of our participants. Although we endeavor to share our survey findings broadly, results are never reported in a manner that would permit the identification of an individual’s responses.

Our surveys include:

Surveys of All Undergraduate Students

These surveys, generally asked in odd-numbered years (e.g. spring 2017), ask currently enrolled undergraduate students about their academic and social engagement.

New Student Surveys

These surveys are administered annually before first-year students start at Cornell and explore high school experiences and expectations of college.

Senior Survey

This survey, administered in even numbered years (e.g. spring 2018), asks graduating seniors about their perceptions of their undergraduate experience and their future plans.

Alumni Survey

This survey, administered every four or five years, asks alumni about their current activities and perceptions of Cornell.

Parent Survey

This survey, administered every four or five years, asks parents about their children’s experiences at Cornell.

Employee Survey

This survey, conducted in the falls of 2011 and 2016, asks employees about their work experiences at Cornell.

Faculty Work Life Survey

This survey, conducted in the falls of 2005, 2010 and 2016, asks tenured and tenure-track faculty members about their work and how their life outside Cornell meshes with their faculty responsibilities.

Survey of Faculty Interaction with Undergraduate Students

This survey, conducted in the spring of 2004, asks faculty members about their out-of-class interactions with undergraduate students.