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Faculty Surveys

Faculty Work Life Survey

The Faculty Work Life (FWL) Survey asks tenured and tenure-track faculty about their work loads, their feelings about the work they do and how Cornell does or does not support it, perceptions of departmental climate, intentions to stay at Cornell, and the ways in which life outside of Cornell meshes with faculty responsibilities.  This survey has been conducted in Fall 2010 and 2005.

2010 Faculty Work Life Survey

Of the 1,514 tenured and tenure-track faculty invited, a total of 989 participated in this survey for a 65% response rate.  The survey instrument is provided below, as is the first of several reports to be derived from survey results.  This initial analysis examines overall satisfaction with being a faculty member, and satisfaction with various aspects of work responsibilities and resources.  Subsequent reports examining other facets of faculty work life will be posted here as they become available.

2005 Faculty Work Life Survey

The first FWL survey grew out of the efforts of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Faculty Work Life.  This initial survey placed a special emphasis on examining the experiences of women faculty.  Of the 1,486 tenured and tenure-track faculty invited to participate in the survey, a total of 962 did so, for a response rate of 65%.  Links to survey results, and to themes derived from faculty focus groups, are provided below:

Subsections included in the above can be accessed separately below:

The survey was developed after a series of seven focus groups with faculty. Selected “voices” from the groups speak to the issue of integration among faculty.

Survey of Faculty Interaction with Undergraduate Students

This survey was administered to Cornell faculty in the spring of 2004. The survey asks faculty about the nature and frequency of their out-of-class interactions with undergraduate students, the factors that support or inhibit these interactions, and the impacts of these interactions for faculty members.