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CSARG Member List

Name Position Email Phone
Leslie Meyerhoff
Director of Assessment and Planning, Student and Campus Life 255-1412
Marne Einarson
Senior Research & Planning Assoc, Institutional Research & Planning 254-5034
Peggy Arcadi Director of New Student Programs 254-2255
Marin Clarkberg Assoc Vice Provost, Institutional Research & Planning 255-9101
Jeff Godowski House Asst Dean, Flora Rose House, West Campus House System 254-1314
Daniel Hoddinott Asst Dean, Asian & Asian American Center 255-9438
Anne Laughlin Director of Assessment, Graduate School 255-1005
Brandee Nicholson Asst Director, Residential and New Student Programs 255-3784
Kathleen O’Neil Senior Research & Planning Assoc, Instititional Research & Planning 254-1573
Laura Santacrose Asst Director, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives 255-4782
William Searle Senior Research & Planning Assoc, Institutional Research & Planning 255-0504
Rebecca Sparrow Executive Director, Cornell Career Services 255-2723
Ethan Stephenson Director, Faculty Living-Learning Programs 254-3329
Casey Washburn Interim University Registrar 255-7550