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Diversity Dashboards

Cornell’s organizes diversity initiatives around four core principles: composition, engagement, inclusion, and achievement.

Further analysis of survey data is available in the Student Climate for Diversity Report and additional information about university constituencies can be found in the University Factbook.

  Details about the data


  • Data are drawn from fall semester “snapshots” of Cornell populations.
  • Student numbers exclude: students not seeking degrees, students enrolled in absentia, and students who are in the Employee Degree Program.
  • Ranked faculty include faculty titles (assistant, associate, and full professor) including those that are also part-time, clinical, and/or acting.
  • “Other academic employees” include postdoctoral fellows, instructors, lecturers, teaching associates, research and extension associates, librarians, and archivists.
  • “Staff” figures exclude all temporary, casual, and student titles.

Inclusion & Engagement

  • Data concerning undergraduates are drawn from the PULSE survey of undergraduates.
  • Data for Master’s degree students are drawn from the Graduate Student Exit survey.
  • Data for PhD students are drawn from the Graduate Student Experience survey.


  • The 6-year graduation rate reflects graduation in 150% of program time.  For the 5-year degree program in architecture, graduation rates are adjusted relative to that time from (e.g. 7.5 years).
  • Completion rates are calculated for students embarking in a Ph.D. program.  Time to degree is calculated for a graduating cohort.  Because some students do not complete the programs, the populations are somewhat different.