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Special Topic Reports and Presentations


2012 Parent Survey presentation to SAS Senior Staff

2012 New Student Survey presentation

Satisfaction with Student Life: Evidence from the Senior Surveys (pdf)
Presented at the Academic and Student Support Program Professionals (ASPP) Meeting, September 2010

Graduation Rate Reports

The University Factbook includes current graduation rates.

Enrollment Trends Reports

The University Factbook includes current enrollment trends.  The reports below analyze enrollment trends with a primary focus on the first-time freshman cohort.

Special Topic Reports

The Economics of Higher Education (pdf)

Institutional Assessment (pdf)

A Focus on Faculty (pdf)

Facilities Costs (pdf)

Graduate and Professional Education (pdf)

A Land-Grant University (pdf)

Gifts and Giving (pdf)

Undergraduate Student Access (pdf)

A Commitment to Stewardship (pdf)

Tuition, Financial Aid & Endowment (pdf)