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University Factbook


For the detailed profile of the freshman class, see below.  For an interactive look at fall freshman applicant numbers over time, click on the “Freshman admissions” thumbnail, right.

Profile of the Freshman Class of 2022 (pdf)

Additional profiles

Student Enrollment

Click on the “Enrollment” thumbnail, right, for counts of undergraduate, graduate and professional students as of the sixth week of the semester.

Use the tabs across the top of the page to find details.

Graduation and Degrees Conferred

Click on the “Graduation and Degrees” thumbnail, right, for:

  • Graduation rates for undergrads by college, race and sex
  • Number of degrees conferred at the Ithaca campus by student college and academic program

Types of degrees conferred by Cornell University 

All Employees

Note: To reflect new data definitions and approaches, headcounts prior to 2017 have been restated in this November 2018 presentation. These numbers do not tie exactly to previously published counts for these years. To review previously published numbers, see the two reports under “Archived” lower on this page. 

November 29, 2018: This dashboard is being developed. Check back soon for additional visualizations and breakdowns of headcounts. 


Cornell academic year tuitions and mandatory fees since 1972.  Historical figures have not been adjusted for inflation.

Click on the “Tuition” thumbnail, right.


Academic Employees, 2001 through 2017

Academic employees include ranked professors, instructors, lecturers, teaching associates, research and extension associates, librarians, and archivists. Temporary employees (including all post docs) and casual employees are thus excluded.  Academics on leave are included.  Headcounts are as of November 1.

Nonacademic Employees, 2001 through 2017

When counting employees, we exclude student employees, temporary employees, casual employees, and those on layoff or leave status.  Headcounts are as of November 1 each year.

Click on the “Nonacademic staff” thumbnail, right, and use the tabs across the top for details.