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Faculty and staff

Headcounts are as of November 1 each year. Weill Cornell Medicine is excluded.

To reflect new data definitions and approaches, headcounts prior to 2017 have been restated in this November 2018 presentation. These numbers do not tie exactly to previously published counts for these years. To review previously published numbers, see the two reports in our Factbook Archives

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Professorial faculty are defined as the three professorial ranks (assistant, associate and full) including part-time, clinical, and “of practice”. Adjunct, acting, visiting, courtesy and emeritus appointments are excluded. Faculty are counted within the college of tenure or primary academic appointment.

Academic professionals include instructors, lecturers, teaching associates, research and extension associates, research scientists, librarians, and archivists.

Postdocs are counted separately from the “Cornell workforce.” The Cornell workforce counts do not include postdocs, interns, residents and other temporary titles and casual employees.  Nonfaculty employees on leave are omitted (but faculty on leave are included). Nonfaculty employees with no salary or who work less than 20 hours per week are omitted. Student employees are omitted. In cases where employees have more than one job, only the primary  job is presented.