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2016 Academic and Employee Surveys

Both Cornell’s  Academic Work Life (AWL) Survey and the Cornell Employee Survey and were administered in October-November of 2016.

The AWL survey included all employees in academic positions hired prior to November 1, 2015 and holding at least a 50% appointment. There are three major constituencies in the AWL survey: tenured and tenure-track faculty, academic professionals, and academic short-term employees. A total of 1,602 academics completed some portion of the survey, yielding an overall response rate of 55%. Response rates differed significantly across titles, with 60% of faculty, 55% of academic professionals (excluding librarians), and 40% of academic short term responding.

A brief overview of the responses to the AWL Survey is here:

2016 Academic Work Life Survey overview

An interactive dashboard is here:

2016 Academic Work Life Survey dashboard

The Cornell Employee Survey included all full-time employees who were not included in the AWL Survey, as well as all benefits eligible part-time employees. Sixty-eight percent of invited employees responded to the survey, with 4309 surveys submitted over the web and 523 surveys submitted on paper.

A brief overview of responses to the Cornell Employee Survey is here:

2016 Employee Survey