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More information for Secured Tableau Visualizations

 Unblocking Pop-ups on web browsers:

On the iPad: Go to Settings. Click on Safari. Turn “Block Pop Ups” to Off.

On the desktop or laptop for Safari 10.0:

You will get a warning about the site using pop-ups at the top of your screen.   Select Options on the far right and allow pop ups for  “”

On the desktop or laptop for Internet Explorer 8:

You may get pop-up blocked message at the top of your screen. Click on it and set to  “always allow pop-ups from this site”. Allowed site is  “*”





  UTDP – Undergraduate Tuition Distribution Process:

Data on classes, students and instructors is pulled as of the end of the sixth week of classes in a term.  The data is “frozen”  – that is, it is not refreshed at a later date and thus remains unchanged.  For more information please contact Deb Fyler (djf5) or Kevin Rexford (kr86) in Institutional Research and Planning.

– All courses are selected including graduate level courses.  The academic group (college offering a course) of the lowest course offering number is selected as a default when primary instructors are not academics (see below).  Only the ‘primary’ component of a class is included (derivation details can be obtained from above contacts).

– College of Student:  Undergraduates students and their colleges of enrollment are defined by term activation.  Students must be not-withdrawn as of the end of the sixth week;  they must registered and not- in absentia.

– Teaching College:  Primary instructors are identified for each class.  The primary college affliation for academics is defined as that in the Academic Personnel Database.  If multiple primary instructors exist, proportions for each are calculated for enrollments and credits.