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Review and Approval Timing

Program development times vary greatly.  Internal review processes are subject to the meeting schedules of the faculty and university bodies that need to review the proposals.  Some of these bodies may include:

  • General Committee of the Graduate School. The general committee of the graduate school meets monthly during the academic year.
  • Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate meets monthly during the academic year.
  • The Provost’s Staff.  Often meets weekly during the semester, but the schedule is subject to change.
  • Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets four times during the academic year in October, January, March, and May.

In addition, review at the New York State Education Department can take several months.  Because all of these processes must be completed before a new academic program can be offered to students, it is prudent to consider that it may be a year or even two before a new program can be launched.